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Updated Safety & Security Policy

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Dear Valued Patrons,

The safety of every guest attending an event at accesso ShoWare Center is always our highest priority. In order to continue to maintain our commitment to guest safety, additional security measures are being implemented for all public events effective 7/1/2017.

Enhanced security measures include the following:

  • Metal detector wands to be used at all points of entry*
  • Backpacks are prohibited from entering the arena
  • Bags, including handbags and purses, may not be larger than 14” x 14” x 6”
  • All bags, regardless of sizes, are subject to a pre-entry search

* If you are unable to be scanned with the metal detector wands, security staff will conduct a pat down search.

For a full list of prohibited items and to view the CODE OF CONDUCT policy, please visit

Guests are encouraged to arrive early to allow extra time to enter the facility. Guests should also only bring necessary items to help expedite entry. We thank you for your cooperation in our ongoing efforts to provide a safe environment for everyone, and look forward to seeing you soon!


Arena staff asks all guests to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Guests shall be respectful to all other guests, fans, participants, event officials, entertainers, athletes, arena staff and arena property
  • Guests shall not willfully and maliciously disturb a guest/employee and shall not interfere in other guests' enjoyment of the event
  • Guests who drink alcoholic beverages shall do so in a responsible manner.
  • Guests shall refrain from using offensive language, making obscene gestures, wearing obscene or indecent clothing, throwing projectiles of any kind and possessing prohibited items.
  • Guests shall never enter the playing or performance area, or interfere with the progression of the event in any fashion.
  • Guests shall comply with the direction and instructions of venue staff.
  • Guests are responsible for their own good time by immediately reporting inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher or building liaison.
  • Guests entering the arena must be properly attired with shoes and a shirt. These items must be worn at all times in the facility.

Any other conduct deemed by the venue to be inappropriate to the peace and good order of events or which may adversely affect the safety of persons or property will be handled by arena staff at its sole discretion.

If You See Something, Say Something

Everyone is encouraged to help keep our events safe by reporting suspicious activity to the nearest security guard, staff member or local authority. If there is an emergency, please call 911.

For any questions, please call 253.856.6777 or email us at

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