Christmas Cantada
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Christmas Cantata

Date: Sept 25, 2019
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Doors Open: 6:00PM
Performance Time: 7:00PM

Gracias Christmas Cantata is unique and dynamic. Experience world-class music and theater, as well as a powerful message that will move your heart.

Act 1: The Opera

They’re infinite stories retelling the Nativity, but Act 1 of Gracias Christmas Cantata delivers something unique. A stunning opera that goes deep into the heart of God and His priceless Gift to mankind.

Not only does Act 1 celebrates the birth of Jesus, it captures the joy and hope His mere presence brings to our lives.

Act 2: The Musical
This year, Cantata presents the heart-warming story of The Gift of the Magi, a re-imagination of the classic tale.

While both different in plot and character, there are two things that bind them together. The depiction of the love of family and what we should hold as truly important. As well as the cherished Christmas carols and original music we use to tell our stories.
With cherished hymns and carols, as well as beautiful set pieces and choreography, The Gift of the Magi reminds us how precious the love of family is and what we should consider truly important in life.

Act 3: The Choir & Orchestra
Act 3 showcases the power of perfect harmony. On top of stunning renditions of three choruses in G.F. Handel’s Oratorio “Messiah”, Act 3 expresses Handel’s vision for his masterpiece and what he must have imagined heaven would sound like.

The last chorus, “Hallelujah”, represents the reason Gracias Christmas Cantata exists – to praise the Lord for what He has done for us.
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